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Clark-Fox Family Foundation

Additional Resources

Click on each of the five titles for the interactive maps below, created by the Clark-Fox Foundation, to find important resources and learn more!

Homeless Resource PDF.png

Missouri Veterans Endeavor is proud to be included among the list of charities that the Clark-Fox Foundation has created to help people gain access to the housing and housing assistance services they need. Click on the title above to go to the Clark-Fox Family Foundation website and view their interactive map.

Understanding workforce development from the perspective of a charity focused on helping homeless veterans gain stability, MOVE is a strong advocate of workforce development. When willing workers do not have the resources to find new jobs, ensure their jobs are protected, and advocate on their own behalf, they cannot secure a pathway to success. MOVE encourages all interested individuals to follow this link to the Clark-Fox Family Foundation's interactive map.

Workforce Development PDF.png

Childhood homelessness is one of many issues facing children in America but it is not the sole issue. Just as MOVE has taken a more expansive understanding of childcare in our role as a community-based organization, MOVE is proud to share this Child Well Being Resource map produced by the Clark-Fox Family Foundation with visitors to our site. 

Child Well Being PDF.png

MOVE is excited to share additional resources such as the Criminal Justice Resource Ecosystem in an effort to use our platform to share Clark-Fox vetted resources with others. Click here to go to the Clark-Fox Family Foundation website and view their interactive map.

Criminal Justice Resource PDF.png

Many of the people coming to this country for the first time often struggle to find the resources and care they need often leading to precarious financial, health, and educational positions. MOVE hopes by furthering the sharing of this important Clark-Fox Family Foundation resource, we can assist those seeking to come to this great country.

Immigrant and Refugee PDF.png
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