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"This program gave me the ability to not have to worry about where I was going to stay every night. The staff here is awesome, I love them. They are helping me get on my feet to go out on my own and be more prosperous in life."


"I was going through a lot and MOVE has helped me ever since. I'm currently in school and working to become a music teacher. I am a strong advocate for our country's future and volunteer on political campaigns in my spare time. I don't know where I would be without MOVE."


"MOVE has provided a safe environment that has allowed me to heal from my pain. They have a female therapist and a very nice community that has been paramount to my recovery. They also allow me to plant my own garden, which has been very therapeutic for me, as well."


"In the most positive way, I have a sense of community. I don’t feel like I’m trekking the whole load by myself. It’s peaceful and drama free. We are surrounded by nature and we are not treated like numbers. We have a staff that is genuinely compassionate."


"MOVE-STL has helped me focus on moving forward and helped me make new friends in the community. Really good people in the MOVE-STL community."


"They were able to move me in in a day or two and it changed my life. I remember exactly where I was at when they called me and told me and I was so happy. It's like your going down a bad river and this felt like it was a life preserver."

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